New Release Horror Novel: The Whisper Killer

"Thrilling ... just the right measure of suspense!" — Horror News Net

The Whisper Killer  
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Wolf Hollow is not like other towns. It gets what it needs.

Ben is a baby-faced serial killer who can charm his victims with a smile. But when he stumbles into Wolf Hollow to hide from the FBI, it's the town that charms him and convinces him to stay. Because Wolf Hollow gets what it needs, and it needs Ben. It knows his secret.
Ben isn't alone. He shares his body with a century-old demon. He may be the town's worst nightmare, but he's exactly what they need.

Under cover of a brutal snowstorm, a bitter enemy returns to Wolf Hollow, a group of men hell-bent on revenge, resolved to wipe out the entire town and leave no survivors. Only Ben has what it takes to stand in their way . . .  if he chooses. He is their only hope.
Because some evils can only be met by a greater evil.

"A suspense-filled horror thriller from the bestselling author of Earthweeds"
405 pages  *paperback and ebook on sale now.

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 "A tense page-turner with heart and soul." — Scream Nation

"...a fast-paced plot that is unpredictable ... a setting that has a personality of its own." — Michael Thal, author

"Gripping and twisted. A gut-wrenching thriller that keeps you on edge. The characters are eerie and all too real." — Top2040 Books
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The Whisper Killer by Rod Little (c) 2020
ISBN: 9781078723268  Mass market paperback (434 pages)
ISBN: 9798643428978 Deluxe format paperback (405 pages)

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