List of books written by Rod Little

(Sons of Neptune, Book 1)
358 pages
ISBN:  978-1547268566
Available Worldwide
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Two students return from a summer camping trip to find an empty city. All human life has vanished, and a new post-apocalyptic world is upon them. Then giant lizards the size of komodo dragons start flooding into town, attacking the remaining humans. Eventually other species of mutations, giant spiders, begin to fight against the lizards. A war breaks out between the genetically-altered creatures, and the last humans are caught in the middle.

-A high school student born with a gift to generate electricity from his hands.
-A college student who can communicate with spiders and other creatures.
-A scientist with a secret, and a motorcycle gang using him for their ends.

The last young survivors form separate camps in the race to find clues to the world's end, while caught between hordes of giant lizards and spiders battling for the remaining food supply.

Soon they discover it's not just the end of the world. It's the start of something new, and its origins may be alien in nature!

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Revenge of the Spiders
(Sons of Neptune, Book 2)
368 pages
ISBN:  978-1976597428
ASIN: B0764CT276
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The Saga continues, as the aliens thrust more mutant lizards against the humans, and giant spiders may be Earth's last line of defense. Can Bohai rally them to their cause, or will he lose them to chaos? And will Sam have the sparking strength to take on the next Sayan commander... The last Earth survivors, both human and creatures, must form an alliance to save their planet!     

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The Last Starbase
(Sons of Neptune, Book 3)
418 pages
ISBN:  978-1987601398
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The starship Praihawk takes to the stars with Sam, Bohai and Walter, in search of rescue from the ancient Earthian forces who can quash the Sayan invasion of Earth. However, instead they find a lonely starbase that hold more questions than answers. Meanwhile, Dexter returns to Neptune, and the Peak gathers more survivors in their last-ditch struggle for survival.
The answers to their problems may lie in space, and time is running out!


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The Boneyards of Nebula
(Sons of Neptune, Book 4)
ISBN: 978-1790362745
408 pages

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A distress call is intercepted from a dark anomaly in space, a starship graveyard known as the Boneyards of Nebula. The Praihawk sails to answer the call; they will be the first humans to cross into the zone in over a century. Meanwhile, creatures overrun Starbase 21, and Lusus tightens his grip on both Earth and Neptune. These events are intricately tied together, and will bring the Earthlings back into a war they thought was long over.


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Dark Pines (A Wayward Pine Prequel) 
ASIN: B07HG5GYWK   99 pages  Kindle Unlimited

Long before the first episode when Ethan Burke is awakened, David Pilcher fails with Group A, the first group brought two thousand years into the future.  Three escapees of Wayward Pines find one of Pilcher's colleagues, Dr. Lanning, and eventually stumble upon an abbie camp. There are secrets both Lanning and Pilcher do not wish to be discovered.

A Kindle Worlds Top-10 Bestseller

Works in Progress:

Hidden Planet: Angry Galaxy Book 1
and a short Spinoff to Earthweeds

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