Sample Chapters of The Whisper Killer

Enjoy a few sample chapters from The Whisper Killer.

Below also find screenshots of the paperback. I hope the print isn't too small on your device!  The font had to be cut small to fit into 434 pages for the paperback. Click to enlarge the images.

   “It’s your lucky day, then,” Ben said. “Neither do I. As a matter of fact, I woke up this morning thinking just that: I don’t want any trouble.”
    Ben retrieved the phone from the woman’s trembling hands and the wallet from the cowering man, and left them with a tale to tell their friends for years to come. The truck spun gravel and ate up the road at 60 mph. The Murphys froze in place and watched the truck get smaller until it vanished from sight.
    “He didn’t kill us,” Beth said.
    “That was him, it was him,” Noah babbled. He had pissed his pants; the urine stain grew down his leg. “That was him. Right there in front of us.”
    “He didn’t kill us,” Beth repeated. She was in shock.
    They hugged each other and checked the bruise on Noah’s neck, then watched the road for another minute before driving to a gas station and calling the police. For a long time, no one thought to search for Hooper’s body in the cornfield.

ISBN: 9781078723268
434 Pages

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