Saturday, January 9, 2021

Special Novella Release: Death Lake Motel

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Death Lake Motel  — 150 pages in Paperback and eBook.

Every kill has a reason 

On their way to a secluded lake in a blustering rainstorm, three weekend fishermen pick up two girls stranded by the side of the road. In need of a landline and shelter from the storm, they take  the girls to the nearest motel. When they arrive, the check-in clerk is already dead. They search the rooms and find more blood, with all the guests as dead as the phones. 

And one of the killers is still there. 

When their car is stolen by a stranger, stranding them at the corpse-filled motel with little chance of help in the storm, they must search for clues to avoid the killer and stay alive. But the biggest clue is about to come after them.  This was no robbery. These killings had a purpose.

Plenty of vacancies at the Death Lake Motel. A twisted thrill-ride from the #1 bestselling author of The Whisper Killer and On Gravedigger Road


Now available worldwide on all platforms 
and in a slim paperback of 150 pages, or 126 pages in deluxe large format.