Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sample Chapters to Book 2 Now Online

Sons of Neptune Book 2: Revenge of the Spiders is in its final editing stage and will be released Soon.
Three sample chapters are NOW AVAILABLE.

Click Here:  Revenge of the Spiders Sample Chapters 

Or just have a sneak peek on this page:

Sayan ships whisked across the sky over the Peak Lodge. Their distinctive whir, a high-pitched buzz, woke Sam early that the morning. He popped his head out of the second floor window to see another Sayan ship emerge from the sky. It flew low and steady at less than two hundred feet, its engine humming quietly, almost peacefully, and yet with that same irritating buzz. Much like a beautiful steel bird sailing through the morning, it owned the sky, and the day was starting out clear and warm for its flight. The sun hatched a sparkle off its wings.
Scanning us, he thought. The war goes on.
Two Russian helicopters circled the snow-covered landscape surrounding the US research compound at Nunavut, Canada – site of the project code-named: Helium. The soldiers were heavily armed and prepared to take the lab and its station by force, if necessary. Blissfully unaware of events unfolding back home in Moscow, they still thought their mission was active. They had been hidden deep in the Arctic Circle with radio silence for three weeks, and now were anxious to take their target and report their success back to headquarters.