Thursday, March 30, 2017

About the Author: Rod Little

Brief Biography

Rod Little has been writing fiction for more than 29 years. His short stories have been published in over thirty magazines, including SF World, Twisted, Fungi, The Horror Show, Star Realms, Omniverse, Suspense, and Haunts. Some of these disappeared as magazines in the 90's, but many are still available online. Rod has written 12 novels, including the Sons of Neptune series, and 2 novellas, including for the Wayward Pines series. He is best known for his horror thriller, The Whisper Killer.

His favorite writers are Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen King, David Gerrold and Harry Harrison. While his favorite genre is sci-fi space exploration (and anything on a space ship), he has a penchant for post apocalyptic scenes on Earth, both in novels and movies.
Rod's favorite books are Dune, LotR, Childhood's End, and The Stand.

Born in East Peoria, Illinois, Rod moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at age 18 and attended the University of Pittsburgh. He worked for many years as a linguist and translator before opening a sci-fi/comic book store called Starbase One in Pittsburgh on the famed Forbes Avenue. The store hosted CCG Card games (Star Wars, Star Trek, Middle Earth, Wyvern, and Magic: the Gathering), sci-fi movie festivals, and countless hours of discussion between fans. Rod kept Starbase One open for 11 years before closing it in 2006 to move to the tropics to begin writing again.

Today he travels, writes, and translates.

His favorite quote is from Carl Sagan: "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence [of paranormal/alien life]."

His favorite bands are Jethro Tull, Rush, Queen and Yes. "Ian Anderson is a brilliant songwriter."

His favorite movies are Enemy Mine, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, The Dead Zone, and The Thing, along with a thousand others, too many to list.

TV Series: Stargate Universe, Blake's 7, and Firefly (all on board space ships). He is a fan of the first few seasons of The Walking Dead for its writing prowess.

Rod's motto: "Reading sci-fi and horror should be fun. Period."

Favorite simple pleasure: a cup of coffee.

Rod has been accused of being a time traveler who has come back from the future to tell the true story of what happened to Earth in 2028-2032.  He categorically denies this.

If you've read some of his work, feel free to drop the Author a note via the contact form. He loves to hear from fans ....and even critics.